Some people don’t know how to drive! There are 2 lights at the rear of your car – on the left and the right. They are called indicators. And that is their function people. When you are turning right you INDICATE by switching on the right indicator. To ‘indicate’ that you want to turn right. WELL IN ADVANCE.

Another fault is reflexes. Too slow. And they drive much too near you and then brake so after the last moment, that they bump into you. And that when you are stationary. One of these days I will slap someone. Rear fenders to my car are expensive people!

This is a rant! But I can’t handle idiots who drive. A peaceful drive is marred by incompetence. Who gives them licences? How much does it go for these days anyway?

Most men and their egos, will not allow them to appreciate my driving. And even worse not handle the fact that I won’t allow them to drive my car! New drivers, out! Even if you have been driving a bike for years! So what! You can’t handle my car! No baby! YOU can’t drive my car. And YES I am a star!

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  1. 1

    J said,

    OK…If it makes u happy!!!we’ll play along!! SABS!


  2. 3

    ritu kanchan said,

    you rock babes….u drive better than most men i know


  3. 5

    Ravi said,

    Hey Sabira, Let me drive your car!


  4. 7

    Regarding the bit about men and their bias towards women drivers, I think most men are preconditioned to assume that women can’t drive. They get to this state from seeing how women drive on the roads. Take for example the last two scenarios from my personal experience.

    Woman on second lane, talking to her friends in the car decides to take a right at a T junction. Nothing wrong in that; provided she had atleast glanced for a second towards her right, she would have noticed that my bonnet was right up to her front wheel on her (driver) side of the car. I had to brake hard to avoid getting hit! Thankfully it was late at night and there was no one behind me! Maintaining lanes while turning is one thing. Changing lanes on a straight road without using your wing mirrors?!?!?! I have experienced this drifting-without-looking into adjacent lanes scenarios multiple times.

    Woman drives and stops car at a signal when it was red. When the signal changes she doesnt move the car. Why? she stopped to check and do her hair and while doing that she somehow managed to get her feet off the clutch while in gear and switch off the engine. Then she got all flustered with the honking and couldnt start the engine quickly enuff. Needless to say all the bikers and taxi drivers got an excuse to hurl abuses as they drove past her. I was stuck right behind her watching the madness while trying to squeeze out from behind her..

    Men are also no less when driving badly, but not for reasons above. dont even get me started on that!!


  5. 9

    Alrick Fernandes said,

    Hey, you forgot the great Indian “RICKSHAW”, and the “BEST” of the best on amchi mumbai roads …. ;)


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