Technology – getting people nearer?

So a close friend came over, after almost a month. The conversation over 2 hours


Me: Welcome Stranger

Friend:  (on phone texting, says a distracted) Hiiiiii (Still texting… goes to the bathroom… comes out).

Friend: So whaaaaattttssssssuppppp….. (Proceeds to checks his phone.. begins replying)

Me: oh my client is taking my life away…  and I proceed about my client and my grief… for about 2 minutes

Friend: (still texting. Hasn’t heard a word I’ve said. Could never multi-task) So Wasssssuppppp

Me: Looks at Friend with a shocked expression.. Friend misses the point.. Texting remember.. wants to watch a program on TV.. so I tell him I m a bit busy.. and he can proceed watching TV while I complete some deliverables.. Am sure Friend hasn’t heard it, bec phone in hand more important than bird in house.

Friend: (during commercial break) So what’s up with the secrecy.. tell me what u doing.. u r being a bad host.. (checks phone.. responds to phone. Moi? Discarded)

Me: (I start trying to talk of my day… )

Friend: Oh program’s back.. (goes back to TV.. I am forgotten again…  till next commercial break.)

Friend: What’s wrong with you today? Why are you being antisocial? (The program is over by then I guess) I want the Monaco biscuits, I saw in your kitchen.

Me: ok shall I dress them up?

So I spread a light layer of butter, some grated cheese and some finely chopped coriander over it. Place in a dish and get it to Friend. (Who is watching TV or rather texting I was sure, in the other room.) …. And guess what! Friend is fast asleep!

Wakes up to reply to text msg, or whatsapp or BBM or whatever.

I have always cribbed to Friend about being on the phone, but that day was ridiculous!

The next hour is the same, Friend texting on the phone, cribbing that I am being non responsive, all the while continuously on the phone. We eat the biscuits, order dinner, eat dinner, and I wonder if Friend has heard anything I said, through the evening.

Friend: (leaving after dinner, or rather, in between texts) It’s so good to hang out with you.


So I wonder if technology enables friendship, virtually or in the physical state.





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    nev said,

    instead of talking you should have texted him your replies to his questions .. or sent him a photo of the monaco biscuits in the kitchen


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