My sartorial sense

My dear fashion designer friend hates polka dots. ‘It’s for children. It is gross on adults.’ Hey, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn made polka dots iconic. But that is a different story. I like polka dots. It may not justify my age. But like I read somewhere; ‘I can’t act my age, I have never been here before.’ I now need a yellow polka dot outfit to complete my basic polka color collection. And no, it won’t be an ‘itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini’. Or could it? No! still not ready for a beach two-piece.

So from my likes to my sartorial dislikes. It is oft touted that heavy women should wear ‘V’ necks. I hate ‘V’ necks. I think it is just rude to force a cleavage to subvert a heavy chest. It is there, everyone will notice it. Most of the heavy women I know look spectacular in wide round necks. For that matter, they look even stunning in cowl necks, contrary to popular opinion.

From necks to sleeves. I dislike drop shoulders that mimic sleeves. Also mutton sleeves, unless you are in a period costume production. And I also don’t like sleeves that mimic mutton sleeves.

Sleeves to dresses. Can’t seem to like kaftan dresses. Also, if the back of a dress has to have a V or open, it better be deep, not a measly one. Deep! Show them backs!

And saree blouses have to be deep at the back. And sarees have to be worn a little below the navel; with the pallu drape just below the calf.

And I can’t wear animal prints, on clothes or shoes or bags.

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