Reply to ‘On Beards’

After the post ‘On Beards’, a friend called me and said it was flat. And nothing around me should be flat! He said I should have made it like a 50 shades note. So here goes. The post on Beards was inspired by you, Mr. Shark. I have always seen you clean shaved, and never envisaged of you in a beard. But then women don’t undress men visually. And we are very selective in person too.

So when I saw that pic of you in a beard. I was impressed by what I saw. And you know I’m not impressed easily. That beard, shiny, silky, smooth, straggly to a fault; that hint of a smile, the lips full and pink, like an apple waiting to be eaten; the cheeks strong and rosy like a cherry, reflecting the glow of the sun. All healthy; all international actor quality. That shiny rich fuzz, was unlike my non-existing hair, so it was enchanting. And I wanted to run my fingers through that silken field of trimmed grass, and caress it like a visually challenged person, and play with it, and do all that and more… And this is a ‘safe’ site, so if you want NSFW blogs, read my other one.

Is this enough of a 50 Shades for you?

PS: I have no intention of meeting you at all. We haven’t met in about 8 years, and I surely don’t want to break the spell. You are officially my phone friend. And of course, now I am too chicken to meet you. The Hindi term is more succinct – gxxx fxxxx.

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