How you do anything is how you do everything.

Sometimes I think I have very high standards and I get irritated when they are not met. Or niceties are relegated to the background. Especially amongst friends. Simple things as being on time or informing about not being on time, or returning a call, or keeping to promises made.

Basically your ‘word’ good enough. Is your ‘word’ worth its weight in gold. Does it hold any value?

Relationships are business transactions too. If you can be on time and value a business meeting, the same is for life, and friends. You’ve got to value the transaction/friendship. Would you conduct a business meeting in the manner you treat friends? Relationships are a transaction. Just because it is not monetary, does not mean it has no value. Whatever happened to civil behaviour? Did respect for one another go out with the age? Professing love and friendship and acting differently, the opposite, does not cut it. Just because it is friends, you cannot and must not take them for granted. They will be there yes. But then it is like stretching a rubber band. Once it snaps back, guess whom it will sting. It’s not always about you.

Someone once remarked ‘how you do anything is how you do everything’. Extrapolating that to areas of your life, this statement is a reality check. Jumping a signal, littering in private, not respecting another’s time, or love, or nature, or animals, are some thoughts that are true to everyday behaviour. What happens in one arena, is how it will happen in other arenas too. It is good to say I am thankful, or grateful. But are you truly? Or just words that you throw thinking you will get brownie points. Karmically, or otherwise?

So in effect if you don’t respect the girl, get ready to handle the b!tch you created.

What you give out reflects back. Life is a mirror of what you created. Isaac Newton got it wrong here; not every action has an opposite reaction.

Sometimes, it is about Integrity. And sometimes integrity is missing in people, because the core is weak. What you think, what you say, what you do, should be aligned, else you will not be believed. Actions speak louder than words. Very loud. Integrity cannot be lost. It is like trust. It is earned over a period of time; but lost with just an iota of doubt, in an instance.

Listen to that which is not said. Read between the lines, not just the words. A lot is said when it is not said.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

But then again the corollary is (more words-of-wisdom gyaan alert) if you think you are not getting what you want. Look back and see what you are giving. If you are always giving, guess what, you will be the gilded doormat. Learn to accept, or learn to walk away.

So, how you do anything is how you do everything. Think about it!

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    Stanley Fernandes said,

    Like the title.. sound like a name of a management book.

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  2. 3

    Al_F said,

    Indeed true, I find myself in similar set of shoes from time to time. Mostly on taking the family and friends for granted. Why do we do it is a different thought process.

    Love the blog.


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