Hmmmmmm…. it is always difficult to write about what makes ‘Me’. Let me see.. I have lived for a little  more than 4 decades. Been born, bred and buttered in Bombay, I love that alliteration. I value my family, give my all to friends (even if though the ‘reason-season-lifetime’ hangs large), and am a workaholic. In short, (and that is 5.1 feet) I am an enigma, and am on the way to discovery. Even to myself.

When you go through my pages, let me know your thoughts, and comments. Appreciate your feedback.

Bon Voyage!

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    Melvin D. said,


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    Jewellyn said,

    Sabira, I know very few people who have the skill and command over language and you by far have the ability to mould words to become a garment more than fabric, a piece of chocolate beyond the bean or a football club far ahead of the ball,the team or the stadium and many many more.At times lifting a product to more than what the naked eye can see just by the way you can describe it.

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