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15 Cell phone attitudes

I know this topic has been beaten to death.. but here are some more…

  1. You call them, they are on another line; they don’t call back…
  2. When they are with you they insist on answering every call or message they get.
  3. They are on Viber, Whatsapp, SMS, BBM, whatever… all the time… and I mean ALL.
  4. If you happen to miss their calls, and call back later, they won’t answer.
  5. One responds to calls only, not messages.
  6. One will never call, or answer your calls, but will Whatsapp or SMS you.
  7. The same one will message a reply after 2 hours, but will expect you to answer in 10 seconds or less and if you answer later than 5 minutes, you are a b!tch.
  8. One does not read SMS, Whatsapp messages… “Too many, too much trouble to read.”
  9. Another one will reply on SMS/Whatsapp if you call, “too much trouble to talk.”
  10. Another does not feel the need to answer if the phone is far away… it’s too much work. But will not bother to call back. “Too much work, too many missed calls, yaar.”
  11. Another one does not respond to my connections, (email, SMS, calls), but will speak sweetly when on a conference call.
  12. Then there is one who will be irritated if you don’t answer right away, but will not bother to reply to my missed connections. “Oh I was busy… but why are you not answering, you can’t be that busy, you are mean.”
  13. And some will send a template message, ‘Busy, will call later’… later is usually forgotten; some an apology days later.
  14. Then there are some who say “battery is very low, will call you later”. We had gifted them a phone bank.
  15. Oh, I forgot of the ones, who will take your call, and whisper, “I will call you back”. We are still waiting.

Thank goodness for those friends who will answer your calls, and messages, and missed calls, and call back promptly!

And I guess I am not getting the ‘message’ from the others.

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Technology – getting people nearer?

So a close friend came over, after almost a month. The conversation over 2 hours


Me: Welcome Stranger

Friend:  (on phone texting, says a distracted) Hiiiiii (Still texting… goes to the bathroom… comes out).

Friend: So whaaaaattttssssssuppppp….. (Proceeds to checks his phone.. begins replying)

Me: oh my client is taking my life away…  and I proceed about my client and my grief… for about 2 minutes

Friend: (still texting. Hasn’t heard a word I’ve said. Could never multi-task) So Wasssssuppppp

Me: Looks at Friend with a shocked expression.. Friend misses the point.. Texting remember.. wants to watch a program on TV.. so I tell him I m a bit busy.. and he can proceed watching TV while I complete some deliverables.. Am sure Friend hasn’t heard it, bec phone in hand more important than bird in house.

Friend: (during commercial break) So what’s up with the secrecy.. tell me what u doing.. u r being a bad host.. (checks phone.. responds to phone. Moi? Discarded)

Me: (I start trying to talk of my day… )

Friend: Oh program’s back.. (goes back to TV.. I am forgotten again…  till next commercial break.)

Friend: What’s wrong with you today? Why are you being antisocial? (The program is over by then I guess) I want the Monaco biscuits, I saw in your kitchen.

Me: ok shall I dress them up?

So I spread a light layer of butter, some grated cheese and some finely chopped coriander over it. Place in a dish and get it to Friend. (Who is watching TV or rather texting I was sure, in the other room.) …. And guess what! Friend is fast asleep!

Wakes up to reply to text msg, or whatsapp or BBM or whatever.

I have always cribbed to Friend about being on the phone, but that day was ridiculous!

The next hour is the same, Friend texting on the phone, cribbing that I am being non responsive, all the while continuously on the phone. We eat the biscuits, order dinner, eat dinner, and I wonder if Friend has heard anything I said, through the evening.

Friend: (leaving after dinner, or rather, in between texts) It’s so good to hang out with you.


So I wonder if technology enables friendship, virtually or in the physical state.





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