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The body beautiful.

A thing on breasts, I know it is ‘when you have it, flaunt it’; but don’t force it. Cleavages should be subtle. You have a bust – generous or petite – it is evolution, don’t shove it into the limelight. It/they will be noticed anyway. You don’t need a discerning eye to see breasts. Just don’t make them sartorially obvious.

Even babies notice them, and it has been scientifically proved. And babies also try to cop a feel. If the baby’s mom is not endowed, then it is the kid’s way of saying to you ‘what the hell is that’; if their mom is generous, then it is like ‘cool, this feels like home.’ I know of a baby who wouldn’t go to women who were not endowed like his mom. So yes, discrimination begins early. Very early. Mammilla rules!

Celebrating the female form has been commemorated through the ages. India first. Ajanta & Ellora, Khajuraho, Kamasutra of course! Or just go to any temple or ancient sculpture site and view the gravity-defying globes. Art is Beautiful. (Ya Ya I know. I am straight.)

But on the flip side, look at the super models. Not only they are unhealthily skinny, but they are also, what we used to say in college, carom boards, or Man-chester.

While it may be all ‘about that bass, ‘bout that bass’, J. Lo made it popular. Someone called it extra ‘cushion for the pushin’. But Nicki Minaj in Anaconda made it extremely gross. BTW has anyone ‘heard’ the song? I know we have seen it, but anyone remember the tune? Then Kim Kardashian breaks the internet with her butt! I don’t like big butts and I cannot lie. Even if Ross and Rachel’s kid does like them.

I’m glad I have a flat @r$e, even if after the doc gives me an injection it is sore for hours. Or sitting on a hard bench for long the butt hurts. Excuse me, we are princesses like that. Our gluteus maximus and gluteus medius are delicate, while the pectoralis major, glandular and subcutaneous tissue is well… diminishing actually!

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