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Happy Endings.

Sometimes, I watch movies, with my brain left outside the theatre. Leave the analyses and laugh along. The Bollywood flick, Happy Ending, is a film that ensures you do just that. I watched the film, just to see if it really meant ‘happy ending’ and for fodder for the blog. Yes, I am that way sometimes.

What the world interprets of ‘happy ending’, as Indians, we don’t talk of it, or are supposed to know of it! Yet we are a population of 1.2 billion and counting. And we gave you the Kamasutra!

I know of someone with long distance girlfriend, and she attempts at, what urban dictionary would call, booty blocking, but men will be men; and booty blocking or not, they will have a happy ending. Another married one has a long term paramour and gets what he doesn’t get at home. A separated couple does it as a need.

Happy endings are thriving and are of rage. I mean whatever happened to just pure friendships. Now it is all about ‘getting it’ or actually ‘friends with benefits’. And there is also a new word for it, ‘xxxx buddy’, rhymes with duck.

So is it all about getting what you want, when you want it. Is a happy ending the end of desire, or the beginning of happiness? Or is happiness a state of mind. Are happiness and comfort the same? Or are we choosing what we feel and how we want to feel? Are we aware of our feelings? Or are we dependent on physical attributes. Physical versus emotional, where would our happiness lie? Or does happiness lie? What is the truth?

And yes the film has a happy ending, in more ways than one. Leave your brains out…

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Sign of the Times

Those who know me know that I am not a chick-flick girl; but that does not mean I don’t watch chick-flicks. I recently saw Friends with Benefits, Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake – a really feel-good movie. Mila Kunis is warm, exciting, sexy, and so unlike her earlier work where she usually plays the bitchy femme. JT is the quintessential chocolate boy hero with normal ‘boy’ insecurities which men love to hope they hide.  What I loved about the movie is that it depicts the insecurities, and it is all too real. It shows people and their vulnerabilities.

And the most poignant part is when Mila Kunis’s character walks out of a holiday weekend with JT’s family, when she overhears him bad-mouthing her to his sister.  When you sleep with someone, even as ‘friends’ the least you can do is have their back. This is the point which is the true test of a movie – the ability to identify with it. You know it is all too real.

The Backup Plan is another strong movie that symbolises our times. Jennifer Lopez in the movie, gets artificially inseminated only to meet her ‘soul mate’ that very day. The movie goes through the travails of a relationship and pregnancy.

Both movies have a strong female protagonist and depict men with insecurities, sometimes couching them with irresponsible words, but winning over and seeing the truth. Both movies are relevant in as much they bring out the flavour of the 21st century. Both movies are worth a watch.

Someone said Vicky Christina Barcelona was autobiographical then FWB is so totally autobiographical, of course without the happy ending.

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