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Thank you!

So now some friends are scared to talk to me for fear of ending up as a feature in my blogs. But that is how the stream of consciousness works. Interaction with people is always fodder for a note. It may be interesting, or scathing, or humorous, or downright weird. But those are my feelings towards you and your actions. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. You are mine, as much as I am yours.

So yes, I love what you do for me, I love what you cook for me, I love that you are there for me, I love that I can call you funny names, and I love that you have a lovely distortion to my name; I hate that you are sometimes not there when I want, but I do appreciate you. I love that you push me forward, to run, to live, to get a life; I love that I can b!tch about other people to you in confidence and then you guide me to see from their point of view; I love it when I can give my gyaan, my wisdom and you patiently listen, and sometimes yawn. i love it when you call me when I’m in my worst phase, from across the seas. you just know! I love that you satisfy me.

I thank you. And ask your forgiveness. You are the wind beneath my wings, and I need you now.

So whether I know you all my life, and all your life, or 25 years, or 10 years, or 6 years …

I love you

Thank you.

Atma Namaste. I bow to the divinity in you.

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I can fade into the night

I can fade into the night, very easily.

It is the point when I just don’t care about you, or about things. I have been down the crabby path, and I know what it is like. I have been there, done that, laughed through it all and you haven’t seen my fears, or realised my darkness, or read it through my eyes. My eyes do more talking than my laugh, which smiles and bears it all.

Do you really know me?

I will make time for you. I will do things for you. It is just the way I am. Helpful, to the point of being used. That’s how I feel sometimes. I will agree to meet you, shower my hospitality on you. Have my place calm and inspire you. Just don’t abuse my nicety. When I say ‘no’ you will finally realise, if at all. All promises. All excuses. All hurt. I have waited. After all, my name means ‘patience’.

Really, do you know me?

Is it you ego? Is it your insecurity? Are you human enough? Or are you just a chauvinist who thinks only of yourself. Am I your gilded bird?

When I let go… When will I let go?

Do you know how much it hurts to let you go? You pushed me away. If you don’t want my presence, I will acknowledge your wishes. Can’t; won’t be the golden doormat anymore.

When I let go, I. Let. Go.

I will miss you. Or will I?

Memories fade eventually.

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