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Live a life!

A decade ago, I was at a large IT company. At increment time, one section decides to give a raise to everyone, except two girls; the reasoning- “you are South Bombay girls, you two are single, you don’t need the money.” Such is the respect that we, as independent career women, get in the market place.

Another place I worked at, had the men intimidated by our knowledge and professionalism, and that we can handle just about anything under stress. So we got pulled up because the photographs of an outdoor event were too bright and sharp, because the frigging Indian summer sun is too bright and sharp, you dumbhead, and I am not a photographer who knows how to control these things!

It is always said that the boss makes the company, and people stay in or leave their jobs not merely for the money, but because of the immediate supervisor.

So when a friend has his boss tell him that he “had more money than he could spend’, it raises old issues. What gives a boss the right to abuse? This borders on harassment. India has no laws, or dormant laws, to counteract harassment. If any legal action was to be taken, it would take years.

Another very close person I know, has gone grey because of the incompetency of his new boss. An international respected company; (in the Forbes Top 5 global companies worldwide) his new boss does not know her products and makes a fool of herself at meetings, and this chap faces the brunt, on the bottomline. She is a scathing proof of women who sleep to get ahead, in some Indian companies. Though she is pulled up by the international counterparts, one leg in the east and the other in the west can take you only so far! I am ashamed of women like this!

So what gives the bosses the right to cast aspersions on your integrity and knowledge? You have earned the right to be counted as a professional; you have spent years, not to mention money, on education. Is it just the insecurities of the immediate superiors? One company thought I was buying out the company! Ill mannered and uncouth, is it just the egos at play?

Secondly what is HR doing? Most HR departments assume their job stops at the hiring stage. Most HR personnel are themselves incompetent. Most HR are subdued by the owner/superior/supervisor. What suffers at the end is the name of the company, and the employee morale.

Sometimes, we as employees shut up and suck it because we need the money. But at what cost. Isn’t health more important? Leave the b@$t@rd$ and get on with life!

Life is for the living! Live it. Let Karma do the rest. And she does! Send out positive thoughts to the Universe.

Love and light on all!

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Holi and its unholyness!

The festival of ‘Holi’ is just over some time back. For the record I DETEST Holi!  And I have a couple of friends who despise the festival, but most go with the flow. For those who don’t know, it is the festival of supposedly, triumph of good over evil (which Indian festival is not?). It is also a festival of drugs and debauchery; of your grandmother giving u ‘bhang’, which is cannabis crushed in milk. A lethal potent drink which hits you high as the sun rises.

It is no longer the festival/religious significance as the days gone by. Was it ever? It is now a merriment of bhang, cannabis, ganja, marijuana and I don’t know what else. I am a person that says NO to dope! Even if it considered mild.

It is also a festival when the environment is destroyed. (Hmmm.. let me name the festivals that the environment is destroyed… Revalation! MOST Indian festivals). Trees are cut for bonfires, water pollution, air pollution, colors strewn on the road and MOSTLY on innocent passerbys, water balloons, etc., etc. I am venting, I know.

The earliest I remember is when my dad came home bleeding because someone threw a water balloon filled with stones on his head. That trauma of a little girl seeing her dad bleeding doesn’t leave you. My dad has always been bald and the mark is still on his head. I always got a balloon thrown on me. Or my car. I have had the windshield cracked twice with water balloons or rather plastic bags tied with ice cubes and thrown from 15-floor terraces. I despair everytime the festival approaches.

I know of a girl who lost her eyesight with balloons filled with stones thrown at trains. Dirty water in plastic bags thrown at you when you are on your way to work or just going about your daily life. WHY? Why do we have ‘festivals’ that include innocent people. Play with your friends or those who would want to indulge!

The latest is a ‘rain dance’. In an age where there is water shortage in Mumbai, my building society buys ten tankers and has a rain dance. Appalling waste of water! I cry to see it. And then there is the proverbial bhang, thandai distributed freely. It is scary the impression we are giving to the next generation. Or do they care!

Can we have  more control of the dope that is freely available on these festive days? Can we ensure that the festival is played with only friends or those who want to associate with it? Can organic colours be used?

Can Holi be banned?

For more information on the religious significance of Holi, please check

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