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On beards

Sometimes I like a man with a beard. As girls, we are conditioned by our dads and my dad was always clean shaven. I had never seen stubble on him. Saw him shave, helped him shave as a kid, but a beard, never.

So sometimes a nice full beard looks good on a man. Makes him look mature, read older. (Though men are never mature at their best, they are still the 11-year-old-boy inside.) A nice full-cheek beard gives a man dignity, and dammit, they look good at any age. And even more so when it is salt-and-pepper. Especially when it is salt-and-pepper!

Other beards are more sophisticated, the French beards for instance. It just helps the face, does not do much to the man, on the whole. To me, they are merely cosmetic, high maintenance and give the air of luxury. And if it is not kept well, it is disgusting. Other varieties on the French beard are pure style. And these fads come and go.

For now, it is the unshaved stubble look that has been on for quite a few seasons. That look is slowly getting to be a tired look. Even if it is a stubble, it has to be kept well. There is maintenance in a scruffy look. As Steven Tyler of Aerosmith once said, “You don’t know how expensive it is to look this cheap.” (He was wearing digs that looked like they came from a flea market in Goa, but they were Galliano!)

Just moustaches are ok. They are for those who want a ‘look.’ They are for those who want to say, ‘look at me!’ Moustaches don’t try hard to make a statement. They are just wannabe’s. One thing I think I haven’t really learnt to appreciate is handle-bar moustaches, and those ’staches that curl outward. And then the men who twirl them when talking to you, is in my exalted humble opinion, just ugghh!

So give me a man with a full beard… That is my latest ‘like’.

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